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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a portrait?


The price depends on the size and the number of people in the painting. Typical sizes and compositions can be found on the "Portrait Sizes" page.


How long does it take to complete a portrait?


I work rather quickly and the amount of work I have at any given moment will often determine how long it will take before a portrait is finished. A wait of a month or two is usual.


What should I wear for the portrait?


I like to suggest certain things but the "be yourself" guide is probably the best advice I can give.   Dress in something you look good in. I usually try to discourage stripes and plaids because they can make a painting "busy". Jewelry is always a nice touch especially if it is meaningful to the sitter.


What about a frame?


The frame is an integral part of any painting and I will help a client make a selection by showing the finished work in a frame I think is appropriate. If a client doesn't agree we will look at corner samples of other frame moldings until one is found that is satisfactory. The frame is not included in the price of the portrait.


What is the procedure for having a portrait painted?


It begins with a meeting to discuss things like: who is going to be painted, the size of the portrait, price, etc. After that, a photo session is arranged to take place at either my studio or in a location requested by the client. I take a number of photos from which the best pose and facial expressions are selected to do the portrait. Prior to starting the portrait, I like to have the subject stop by for a brief visit so I can accurately record things like complexion type, hair and eye color. When I feel the painting is ready to show the client, I will contact him/her to arrange the presentation. If needed, any finishing touches necessary can be made at that time. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


Can you work from my photos?


Yes. Often I am asked to do posthumous portraits and I have a lot of experience working from photographs, black & white photos included. The computer has made it much easier today since an image may be altered to make things more visible that might otherwise be obscured due to an exposure problem. I must rely on the descriptions by people who knew the subject (for things like hair and eye color) and I welcome suggestions. Unfortunately, not all photos are suitable. I will only be able to determine if I can use a photo to do a portrait after viewing it. 

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